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As former students and borrowers try to find work, often times they must look to family members who agreed to co-sign for their loans in the event of default to pay their student loan obligations.  Many student loan co-signers, especially parents and grandparents, are trying to get rid of the loan obligations through the bankruptcy process.   Discharging student loans in bankruptcy is very difficult to do.  However, discharging student loans in bankruptcy is possible – given the right situation.   

Additionally, if the borrower has private student loans it may be possible to release a co-signer from the student loans. Each lender has their own criteria to release a student loan co-signer, including, whether the loan payments are current.   Contact us for help in releasing a co-signer on a private student loan.

If you are a co-signer you may have options to help you either discharge your obligations, release you from your obligations on the student loans, or possibly lower the monthly payment to help you survive while you’re responsible for the student loan.