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National Collegiate Trust is notorious for filing lawsuits for private student loans. You likely haven’t heard of National Collegiate Trust prior to receiving a collection letter or being served with a lawsuit. National Collegiate Trust is in the business of collecting private student loans in Ohio and around the country. Lately, we have seen an increase in lawsuits filed by National Collegiate Trust and similar companies. If you have been sued by National Collegiate Trust, it’s extremely important that you contact an attorney right away because you have a very limited time to respond to the lawsuit.

If you do nothing, you risk National Collegiate Trust getting a default judgment against you for the entire amount that they are suing you for. A default judgment may lead to wage garnishment and other debt collection measures.

Student loan attorney Scott Ciolek can help you determine whether to defend the lawsuit or try to settle. If you’ve been sued by for a private student loan in Michigan or Ohio, contact Attorney Scott Ciolek┬átoday.