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The federal student loan default rate continues to rise. It’s very difficult for borrowers to repay the loans when they’ve often settled on a job that does not pay as much as they had hoped or may not even be in their field of study.

How do you get federal student loans back on track?


One option for getting your loans out of default is to repay them in full. This is not a realistic option for most people. The majority of people have to get their loans out of default either by rehabilitating their loans or through consolidation.


Loan rehabilitation involves making reasonable, affordable, and voluntarily agreed-upon payments on time for a certain period of time. What is considered “reasonable and affordable” depends on your individual circumstances. Voluntary means the payments cannot be part of a wage garnishment or tax refund offset.

One of the main advantages to rehabilitation is once you complete the rehabilitation, your loans go back in good standing and credit reporting agencies will remove the mention of default from your credit report. If you need assistance with negotiating a reasonable and affordable plan and getting your loans back on track, contact us today through our online form.


When a borrower consolidates they are combining one or more of their Federal education loans into a new loan. The advantages can include having only one lender and one monthly payment and, of course, the removal of default status.

If you’re having trouble making your student loan payments or you need assistance getting your loans out of default, call us today or use our online form for a consultation. We can discuss with you which option makes the most sense for your individual situation.