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It’s estimated Americans owe 1.2 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Student loan debt has surpassed both credit card and auto loan debt. With the down turn in the economy, jobs students had hoped to get after graduation are no longer there. Many graduates are forced to take any job to help pay bills, but sometimes it’s not enough to make ends meet.

This often means that student loan payments are not made and borrowers are forced to default on their student loans.  If you have received a Summons and Complaint you have a limited amount of time to respond. You must respond in the proper form and to the proper parties or you may be at risk for wage and/or bank account garnishment, liens against property, etc.  If you don’t want to defend yourself against the lawsuit, Attorney Scott Ciolek has the experience to guide you through this process.

Another option may be to settle with the student loan company like National Collegiate Trust or consider filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy (although this option likely won’t wipe out the debt).  There’s often not a perfect solution, but you should know your options to make an informed decision.

If you’ve defaulted on a private student loan and are currently being sued, please contact fill out the online form for a lawsuit review and fee quote for representation by Ciolek LTD.

What to Do if Sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is seemingly one of the more aggressive debt collectors going after student debtors. Student debtors and their co-signers often are served with multiple lawsuits at one time. If you ignore the lawsuit(s), a default judgment will likely be entered against you. If NCT gets a default judgment means you will likely owe the money and NCT can obtain a garnishment to collect the amount owed. If you’re being sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCT) or another company, please fill out the online form for a lawsuit review and quote for representation in the case or call Attorney Scott Ciolek at 419-740-5935.

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